I am the co-owner and a CF-L1 trainer here at CFC. If one word were to describe any one person’s life and their struggle to obtain health it is, journey…at least it is for me.

I am the co-owner and a CF-L1 trainer here at CFC. If one word were to describe any one person’s life and their struggle to obtain health it is, journey…at least it is for me. As a kid and up thru high school I was always active. Gymnastics, skiing and softball were my go to sports. I never thought or worried about my health or weight. As I became more aware as a young women in college, I did everything I could think of to be “skinny”. Diet pills, barely eating, trying to run or be on the elliptical for hours. Nothing worked. I continued to gain weight and became unmotivated. I would allow my stress level to control my eating and lack of activities. I got to a point in college that I lost hope in ever getting healthy again.

In 2006 I was preparing for my wedding and 2 months out couldn’t fit into my wedding dress that I had bought 6 months earlier because of the weight I had gained. I was devastated, but life must go on. Fast forward four years, I’m married, I finally found the motivation to finish my college degree, and my husband and I were ready to start having kids. I remember the excitement and the nerves the first time we went to the doctor after finding out we were pregnant with our first child and waiting to hear the heartbeat of our child. The nurse had a hard time hearing it so the doctor had to come in to try and find it. She couldn’t find the heartbeat either. She told me that we should not worry, sometime when you have a little more fluff to go through and the baby is so small it can be had to find the heartbeat and that we would do an ultrasound to hear our little one. At the time I was a bit nervous so the comment didn’t really seem to matter, but an hour later, after I was able to hear and see our little alien peanut, the comment hit me…it has stuck with me since.

About 8 months after having my beautiful baby boy, I went through a really rough year that included losing my grandparents 21 days apart. My grandparents were amazing, a huge outlet for me and we were very close. My grandma taught me a lot about being a woman, wife, and mother. I loved her and my grandpa dearly and I miss them everyday. For years I watched my grandma struggle with her health. She had type 2 diabetes for over 40 years, and spent most of that time just trying to manage her disease. The last 10 or so years of her life I watched as it slowly took her from us. I was told this was my destiny. This was a hereditary disease and I would one day have to struggle through this as well. I believed it.

In 2015 I was pregnant with my third child, at my heaviest weight and miserable. I was also a co-owner (with my husband) of CrossFit Elm, and really down on myself. Each time I walked into the gym I was embarrassed to be there. I kept thinking “how are these people going to trust us and understand CrossFit works if I was so unhealthy myself?” After a successful pregnancy I knew this was now my time to take back my life, but how? I started 2016 at 210lbs (I am only 5’ 2”!), I had three beautiful rambunctious children, and little motivation to do life. I needed some kind of motivation to start my journey.

Then, Brandon came up with our N.Ex.T. program. It was a challenge designed for our gym to teach them how to eat right and get to see the results for themselves. What a great way for me to start this journey! I jumped in with 6 others in our box for eight weeks. I lost 16lbs, and it did not stop there! I lost another 14lbs. over the next 3 months.

In November of 2016 I took my CrossFit Level 1 trainers course and learned more about the disease I thought I was destined for, the PREVENTABLE disease that is type 2 diabetes. I heard loud and clear that I had complete control over my “destined” future, and I have made it my goal to continue on my journey free of the disease I thought was my future. CrossFit has gone from my husbands love and dream to a love and lifestyle of my own. The nutrition, workouts, and community that we have here at CrossFit Elm has helped to keep me encouraged and motivated to tell diabetes to SUCK IT!