Maybe the most often asked question I (Coach B) get is, “Why CrossFit”?  And while there are nearly endless reasons why; the camaraderie, the feeling like a real athlete again, guiding and watching as someone who never in a million year thought they could ever do what I (or any of our coaches) just got them to do, the cheering for every personal record and every person just making it through a workout after an absolutely crap day as they nearly cry through the workout just to prove to themselves that they are stronger than anything life can throw at them (wow, that sentence just went off a little).

CrossFit is a visceral experience. It’s one that gets into your bones and changes you from the inside out if you’ll let it. You won’t just be fitter, you’ll be better. A better dad, a better mom, a better spouse, a better employee, a better employer, a better person.  Because you’ll begin to see what it is you’re truly capable of and that means you’re willing to demand better of yourself and you LOVE the challenge.

But for me, the decision to step into CrossFit was much less experiential than all of that.  All of the above is what has made me stay and want to grow it, but it’s not what got me to switch.  The choice to switch was academic.

I am a scientist at heart. I have a degree in Exercise Science. Aside from my CrossFit certifications, I have held 6 others and spent time in Pediatric Therapy, Cardiac Rehab, and Cancer Rehab.  I’ve worked in clinical and commercial therapy and fitness settings. In all of that, no one had ever even asked the question; “what is fitness”?  And if they did, the definition was subjective. Ethereal. In a world of science, it was very unscientific.

CrossFit changed that. CrossFit looked at fitness and attempted to explain it. How to achieve it. And more importantly, what real fitness is. CrossFit actually has a definition for fitness. It is “work capacity across broad time and modal domains”.  Meaning you are as fit as you are capable (or weak) over the broad spectrum of the physical human experience and life span.

You can lift heavy? Great! Can you run a sub-6 minute mile? How about sub-5 minute?  You have a 2 hour marathon?  Amazing! Can you deadlift your bodyweight? How about double? Can you do 50 unbroken, honest push-ups? How about 50 honest pull-ups? Can you do that nearly as well at 70 as you did at 20…or maybe better?

To save you all the geeked out stuff, CrossFit took the time to work all of this out (you can read the whole thing HERE).

Then, I took the CrossFit Level-1 seminar.  In my entire fitness and health education, I NEVER got taught how to teach people how to move correctly. Until that weekend. I learned more in that 16 hour course that I did in 4 years of undergrad and 5 years in the industry.

They cared.  They cared about how you move. They cared about how you taught people how to move. They cared how you walked people away from lifestyle sickness to lifestyle wellness to lifestyle fitness. There was a working definition and direct path to it with enough variance and room for growth and experimentation that any true fitness professional would walk away from that weekend armed with the ability to drastically alter lives.

CrossFit got popular because of the CrossFit Games. The Games are amazing. Those men and women are the peak of human capacity in ways traditional exercise science still often denies is real or possible.

But what CrossFit is, is a method of taking people from a lifestyle of sickness, walking them right past wellness and straight to fitness.  The best total fitness they have ever had.  It’s about teaching people how to move and perform in ways that are essential to life. It’s about giving people their body back in a way that gives them their life back.

Why CrossFit? Because in just 20 short years, it has single handedly changed the fitness world forever by getting people to realize that you don’t have to be a bodybuilder, triathlete, marathoner, or pro athlete to be fit.

You just have to be human, care about your health, and believe in yourself enough to be willing to do the work of reversing years of bad health decisions and replace them with good ones for long enough to not just lengthen your life, but also drastically improve the quality of it.

Why CrossFit? Because it changed my life. Physically. Mentally. Spiritually. Professionally.  And I KNOW it can do the same for anyone who is willing to ask me how.  If ANY of the above sounds like something you’re ready for. Message me (CLICK HERE) and I’ll personally start you on your journey.  It changed me. Made me better.  It can do the same for you.