We’ve all been on it. The weightloss roller coaster. Our favorite pants start getting a little tight and it’s time to “buckle down”. We clean up the diet, maybe hit the gym a few days per week…then what?

Usually (and statistically) about 2 weeks in, we quit. We give up. It’s too hard. We’re too tired, too busy, and just not motivated like we were 2 weeks ago.

And thus the roller coaster goes. And so does our weight…and whether we admit it or not, so does our health, our mood, and really our life.

So how do we change that? How the hell do we get off the roller coaster?

3 words. Commit to consistency.

There’s no denying it takes long term consistency to have long term results. But that’s the exact thing that is SO difficult. Or, at least that’s how it seems.

Really it breaks down to your willingness to commit to that consistency. How serious are you?  Are you willing to have your spouse or a friend call you out and make you do it when you don’t want to? Better yet, are you willing to pay a coach or trainer to do that?

Here’s the reality; we all have the strength to make and keep commitments. But when we make them to ourselves we’re too easy on ourselves.  You have to get an outside human involved in the process. Why?

Because motivation wanes and commitments without real consequences are easy to blow off. But, if I have someone holding me to my word, I’ll get it done. And when I don’t want to do it or I fall off the wagon (and eventually we all do) that person is there to keep you going on your commitment so that you stay consistent.

Here’s the kicker; being and staying healthy is a LIFELONG commitment. It’s a long-haul thing. Until it becomes just the way you do things (aka your lifestyle), you will need a person to help keep you on the road.  And even when it is a lifestyle, you still need those people to call you out when you’re falling off.

The only way off the roller coaster is to get consistent. It’s mostly boring, but it’s effective. And it makes everything else in life WAY more enjoyable.