My mission is to be the first in my family to NOT get type II Diabetes, while along the way help others to fight against this disease as well.

I am co-owner and CF-L2 trainer.  I love that no matter your fitness level or place that you are at in life, you can get a great workout in while being coached to do so safely.  I love that if you are a beginner or a competitor we all workout together and are all deemed an ‘athlete’.  I started CrossFitting in 2012 after having my second child.  I enjoyed feeling like an athlete again, and learning new skills while also being reunited with gymnastics. I continued to do CrossFit when I was pregnant with my third child and it was the easiest pregnancy and birth of the three.   When studying to take my CrossFit Level 1 test it talked about heart disease and diabetes and how even if genetically predisposed you can take control over whether or not you get it.  The CrossFit Level 1 training guide states “Eat a diet of meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Do that and you are exempt.” (CrossFit Level 1 training guide, pg 47)  Once I read this statement I knew that what I had been told my whole life was that I genetically will get diabetes was actually something that I could control if I changed the way I eat.

When I am not in the gym I am spending time with my family, we love to camp and be outdoors.  You can also find me doing some kind of creative project!


CF Level 2 trainer

Brand X Kids trainer