Jack be Nimble, Jack be Quick

We all know that person who seems to have amazing balance.  They almost never fall over and just as it looks like they’re about to, BOOM!  They snap their legs back under them without spilling a single drop of coffee!

Why?  What do they have that allows them to do that?  Balance and agility.  They are able to keep their center of gravity under control and are able to quickly regain it if they lose it.

Both balance and agility are 2 of the 10 general physical skills that make a person fit.  In order to be the fittest you can be, you need to be as balanced and capable across each of those areas and these 2 are no exception.  Question is; how?  How do I get better at these 2?  Especially when you’re what many would refer to as “accident prone” or “clumsy”?

Practice makes…

Permanence.  Most of us have heard that practice makes perfect, but that’s a bit off.  Really what practice does is make a pattern of behavior or movement permanent.  We mention that because to get better at these 2 things, practice is what it takes.

Training is done with a high heart rate and dripping (or in some cases pouring) sweat.  Practice is done with a lower heart rate.  That way your mind and body can communicate well.  It’s the Karate Kid philosophy.  Daniel waxed cars, painted fences, sanded floors, etc. all with very specific technique.  Practice, practice, practice the CORRECT technique, slowly.  With intent.

Then, once the movements are ingrained in your head, apply them.  Do them faster.  Test your skill.  Then, go back and practice some more.  Then test them again.  Engrave correct technique in your head so that when it’s go time, you react instead of having to think about it.

Applying it to Life

Where does this all help in life?  We’re glad you asked!  Balance and agility give you the ability to decrease your likelihood of getting injured.

If you have good balance and agility your risk of slipping, falling, being stuck by falling or flying objects, and the like goes down significantly.  Which means you don’t have to walk around with that awkward bruise and you’ll be less likely to have a catastrophic injury.

So spend some time practicing your balance and strengthening your ability to switch tasks quickly.  Then maybe, just maybe, you’ll finally save your coffee.

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