Familiar Discomfort

It is said that we need to leave our comfort zone in order to grow.  While I do agree with that thought, I believe it’s only half the story.  Sometimes, yes, we need to leave a comfortable situation to get to the net chapter in life or the next level of life.

But, sometimes we stay in uncomfortable situations that we should leave.  We sit there, in our discomfort, the whole time knowing we should leave.  We’ll even say out-loud that we need to get out of there.  Yet we stay.  Why?

Familiar and Unfamiliar

Our love of comfort is trumped only by our love of familiarity.  A situation, like an old couch, can be uncomfortable and even painful but we’ll refuse to make a change.  The familiarity of that situation; the smells, the colors, the layout, the routine…it all seems normal so there are no surprises.

If and when we decide to leave or make a change we must accept unfamiliar.  While we as humans dislike discomfort, we abhor the unknown.  Unfamiliar territory is a place only few of us enjoy going.  That’s why we look at those that do and the trails the blaze with so much admiration.

Think about it.  The people we know that are caught in an abusive relationship but refuses to leave.  They know they need to leave.  The relationship may be so bad, the next episode may actually kill them but they stay anyway.  Why?  The relationship is familiar.  The fear of what might happen next is trumped by the fear of what it would be like without that person, so they stay.

We will stay in an uncomfortable familiarity if it means we’d have to accept an unfamiliar new possibility.  We are paralyzed by fear of the unknown so completely, that we’ll avoid it at nearly any cost.

Are You’re Abusing Yourself

The question is, where in your life are you doing this?  Where are you trapping yourself in an abusive situation simply because it’s familiar and the next level or next step is unfamiliar…unknown.

There are countless lives waiting to be touched if you’ll only step into that unfamiliar territory, grow, and find out what you’re truly capable of.

Until next week, train hard, eat well, and live excellent!

God bless,

Coach B

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