Control your Hunger, Control your Life

The most basic level of human existence begins with the driving force of hunger and thirst.  With out hunger we would die of starvation. But what happens when it feels like you are not in control of your appetite?  You either eat to little or (in most cases) too much.

Over the past 2 years there has been an abundance of chatter about fasting.  Whether it’s intermittent fasting as a weight loss technique or extended fasts tied to meditation, prayer, or some other spiritual or mental development technique.  Why?

Know the Difference

In either case, it’s about control.  It’s boils down to being in control of your life at the most basic level; can you respond to your most carnal need instead of reacting to it?  What’s the difference?

When you react, it’s instinctual.  A reaction doesn’t pass thru the many mechanisms of our brain that allow us specified control.  It’s mindless, habitual, and basically automatic.  It is also usually unintentional.

A response, on the other hand, is controlled.  It is calculated, measured, focused and intentional.  It is the desired reaction rather than the automatic reaction.

Imagine this; a friend comes up and smacks you on the back of your arm.  Your reaction is to hit them back.  Instead, to stay in control and respond, you instead ask them why they hit you only to find out that they were killing a wasp that had landed on you.

In scenario 1 you did your friend a disservice after they helped you, in scenario 2 you are able to understand and thank them.

The Power of Control

Imaging if you had that kind of introspective control and power over your hunger.  Imagine if you had the control to, at any time, say no to that one food that always make you lose control.  If you could control that, what else could really hold power over you?

Now imagine you had the power to say no to that food after not eating for 24, 36, or even 48 hours.  You feel like you’re starving, and you can still look at it and say no.  Now you start to feel real power and control over anything and everything in your life.


The foundation of real fitness is nutrition.  If you have the choice of eat well and never workout or workout whenever you want but eat like garbage, choosing to eat well will lead to a longer healthier life.

But it goes beyond that.  Our brains are wired to seek out and consume calorie dense food in case of starvation.  If we can elicit control over that and direct it, we begin to have control over more than our physical health and fitness.

What I want you to walk away with is this; if you want control over your life, if it feels like you life is out of control, in shambles, full of negativity and drama, start by learning to control your hunger and what you choose to eat and drink.

It will change more than just your health, it will set the foundations for you to change your life.  If you can control your food, you can control you life.  It’s that powerful.

Now, I’m not saying you need to do a massive fast to achieve that, but you might to get yourself on the right track.  But really all it takes is decision to be in control of your food.

Want to try something that doesn’t require a fast?  Check out The Whole 30 or The 800 gram Challenge.  It’s a great start to finding control without doing something completely crazy.

Until next week, train hard, eat well, and live excellent!

God bless,

Coach B