Do or Do Not, There is No Try

As a personal trainer, CrossFit coach, youth pastor, life coach, and now financial coach, I’ve heard some variant of “I’ve tried everything and nothing works” more times than I can count.  If you are this person in one or more areas of life, here’s my advice; quit.  Quit trying.  It’s not worth the energy and almost never produces results.

Instead I want you to do something else.  Decide and commit.  How is that different?  Let me explain.

Dabble vs. Commit

When you try, you merely dabble.  You sorta kinda do the program which means you sorta kinda get results…if you get any at all.  One of my favorite new acronyms is PUSH:





Meaning, you need to choose a course of action and stay 100% dedicated to it until the levees break.  You keep pushing until you reach your goals.  No dabbling.  Pure commitment.  Not trying, doing.  If you don’t get the results you want, get some outside perspective, some advice on how to do it better, some coaching, and get back at it.  This time paying closer attention and doubling your effort.

Where Success Lives

The truth is, you’ll never truly find success until you move to the corner of decision and commitment.  You have to be willing to change the address of your entire identity.  Trying is like taking a vacation that you end up hating because everything that can go wrong, does.  Success is deciding to move to a new state or country and making it work no matter what.

Have you “tired everything”?  Maybe it’s time to decide a course of action and commit to the PUSH.  Like Marlene did (Watch THIS VIDEO and note she’s lost anther 40-lbs since).

I Don’t Know How

This is what I hear often when I throw down this challenge.  It’s then that we get to go to work.  Is that you?  Then here’s your shot.  I’m hosting a FREE seminar on how to set and actually reach goals.  I have a process on how to choose a goal, build a system, and actually win for once.  All you have to do is decide and commit….and CLICK HERE to sign up.  The seminar is called Vision2020.  It’s Saturday December 28, 2019 from 12p-3p.

Come ready to work.  And be ready to finally win.

Until next week, train hard, eat well, and live excellent!

God bless,

Coach B