No More Going Back

The longer I get to work with people to change certain things in their lives, the more I see people make really great progress only to fall off months and sometime years later.

What I have learned is that it’s because in pursuit of the goal, they never allowed themselves to become the kind of person who could reach and sustain that goal.  They see themselves achieving the goal, but they don’t see themselves as the kind of person who is that goal.

For example, many people who go on a weight loss journey gain the weight back within 2 years.  By many I should say most.  As in 80%.  Why?  Because they didn’t change their identity to a fit person.  They were a person on a weigh loss journey.  Once they hit the goal the identity disappeared and therefore the effort was no longer necessary.

Time to Shape-shift

To truly reach and sustain your goals, you must allow yourself to morph into a new person.  Do you want to be a fit person?  You must allow yourself to shift into the kind of person who does things that fit people do.

Do you want to be a doctor?  Alongside all the work to get there, you must allow yourself to be the kind of person who does and cares about the things a doctor cares about.

It’s a mental shift.  It’s an identity shift.  You must allow yourself to change both inside and out.

Clear Vision

As you walk the journey to achieve your goal, you must clarify what you will do once you have achieved said goal.  If you don’t, the blurriness will leave you blind and wondering.

That clarity must alter you.  In a society that fears change you’ll be mocked.  People will say that you’ve changed.  Some will say it in a good way.  Those are the people you get to encourage on their own journey to do the same.

Some will say it in a way that makes it seem bad that you changed.  Those are the people who you have to look at and say, “we’re supposed to.”  You may or may not be able to prod them to change as well.  To chase their dreams and goals.  But, you must not let them or their criticism melt you back.

Caterpillars and Butterflies

When a caterpillar morphs (literally a process called metamorphosis) into a butterfly, it’s more than just a wrap in a cocoon.  The caterpillar basically dissolves into goo and reforms as a butterfly.  When it emerges, it is never the same.  It never goes back to a caterpillar.

Its entire identity has changed.  It no longer does what caterpillars do or thinks the way a caterpillar thinks.  So my question is, is that you?  Are you ready to do what you have to do to become a butterfly?  Are you ready to go thru your own metamorphosis?  Here’s your chance.

I’m hosting a FREE seminar on how to set and actually reach goals.  We’ll talk about the process and psychology on how to choose a goal, build a system, and actually win for once.

All you have to do is decide and commit….and CLICK HERE to sign up.  The seminar is called Vision2020.  It’s Saturday December 28, 2019 from 12p-3p.

Come ready to work.  And be ready to finally win.

Until next week, train hard, eat well, and live excellent!

God bless,

Coach B