Finding Your Roots

At CrossFit ELM we teach the 5 roots of Excellent Health.  We think that if you can control the way you eat, sleep, train, think and connect with others, you can control many of the outcomes in your life.  At least from a health and longevity perspective (although many of them blend into other areas of life).

For each of them we have 5 foundational blocks that build on each other to help you have deep, healthy roots for a thriving, flourishing (aka excellent) life.  While I’m not going to go in depth in each of the 5 blocks for each of the 5 roots, I am going to tell you the 5 and then give you the chance to dig up which of the roots in your life is rotten and needs to be tended to.

Will this be a lot? Yes…at first.  But, just pick 1 category to work on at a time.  It will be wildly worth it, I speak from experience.

Remember: each one builds on the one before it.  If #1 on the list isn’t right, the rest will suffer.


If you’ve been on our list or reading our blog for a while, you’ve seen these.  They are:

  1. Control your Calorie and Water Intake: Start logging your food and water.  Are you getting the right amounts of each for you?
  2. Control you Food Quality: Humans are omnivores and function best when we eat meat, vegetables, nuts, seeds, some fruit, a little starch (potatoes, squashes, etc), and NO ADDED SUGARS.  Check out The Whole 30 to learn this.
  3. Balance your Macros: Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Fats should be in a balance of 40%, 30%, 30% respectively.  Use an app Like MyFitnessPal to start tracking and balancing this way.
  4. Food timing: When you eat does eventually become important. Become intentional about when you eat.
  5. Supplements: These are meant to fill gaps in your nutrition.  They make no difference if the others are not in place, but can tip you toward your goals if they are.


If you’re not sleeping enough or sleeping well when you do, these 5 things could change your life.  I dare you to try them.  It’s the 10,3,2,1,0 Rule.

  1. 10 hours before bed: Stop all caffeine and stimulant intake
  2. 3 hours before bed: stop taking in calories, food or liquid
  3. 2 hours before bed: stop working.  It will be there in the morning
  4. 1 hour before bed: no more screens.  Phones, computers, and tv’s need to shut down. Start a bedtime routine and maybe read an actual book (not a digital one, a real one)
  5. 0 (zero) snooze buttons: snooze buttons give what’s called sleep inertia.  It’s basically making your brain try to operate drunk.


Our bodies were made to move and be physical.  If a machine sits for too long it rusts and breaks.  Your body is similar.  Get moving!

  1. Metabolic Conditioning (MetCon): aka Cardio.  You need zero equipment to work on this.  Start by walking, then add running.  When you feel good, add biking or swimming.  Get your heart and lungs going!
  2. Gymnastics: aka body control.  Squats, sit ups, push ups, pull ups, handstands, skipping, planks, hollow holds, etc.  Learn to control your body in space.  No mirrors.  It detracts from your brain learning how to do it in real life.
  3. Weightlifting: not lifting weights, there is a difference.  Move multiple joints at the same time.  Deadlift, loaded squats, presses overhead, clean, and jerk are king here.
  4. Throwing: this is like weightlifting, but the weights are lighter and now you add accuracy to the equation.
  5. Sports: go learn and play new sports.  It’s a fun way to express your new found physicality


Your mind is the all powerful determiner of success and failure in anything.  Build better thought habits and your life will change forever.

  1. Growth Mindset: Your abilities and talents are not fixed or set at birth.  Adopt the mindset that you can grow and change at will and you will.
  2. Self Talk: Change any can’t to won’t and know you’ll see you’re making a choice not that you have the inability.  Change have-to into get-to and things become less obligation and more opportunity.  Flip negative self talk into it’s positive opposite and watch yourself become empowered.
  3. Locus of Control: Focus only on the things you can control; your mindset, effort, how you treat people and how you respond to life.  Anything else is out of your control and therefore not worth your energy.
  4. Grit: passion and perseverance over the long haul.  Be willing not just to tackle obstacles, but seek them out in an effort and commitment to consistently become better.
  5. Pursue excellence: the consistent, persistent pursuit of your best possible self happens as you do the previous 4 things with a watchful and intentional eye.


While the previous 4 things allow us to make the most of our time alive, this one gives us the best chance to make it to 100 years and beyond as well as bringing the sweetest fruits from our labor.  The single biggest determiner of making it to and passed 100 years is having deep, meaningful relationships.  This is how you do that.

  1. The Golden Rule:  This is not passive.  GO and DO to and for others as you would have them do to and for you.
  2. Do the Right Thing: Always.  Being a person of integrity builds your reputation and your emotional bank account with anyone you interact with.
  3. Kill Gossip: Never participate in gossip.  More than that, be the one who stops it in in tracks when it happens in your presence.  Defending those who are not there to defend themselves says you would do it for the gossipers if they weren’t there.
  4. Be Present:  The past is gone you cannot change it.  If you want to build a better future, you have to be fully present in the moment.  It’s also where those oh-so-sweet memories are built.
  5. Serve the Next Generation: Live a life that leaves a legacy and a path for the betterment of the next generation.  Better does NOT mean easier, it means better.  Find something you can serve with no expectation of return, just to serve those in the here and now and as an example for those that come after.

So, which root is rotting in your life? Do you have 1? 2? Maybe all of them?  Pick the one that needs the most attention and get to work.  If you’re not sure where to start, email me back.  We’ll grab a coffee and I’ll help you get started.

Until next week, train hard, eat well, and live excellent!

God bless,

Coach B