Surviving the Holidays

Every fitness related organization, “Fit Pro”, and #fitspo out there does a “Holiday Survival Guide” telling you what foods to eat and what foods to avoid to stave off the dreaded “holiday bloat”.  Since they have that covered, we’re going to give you the real truth about how to survive the holidays.

How to REALLY Survive

Go and be with your loved ones.  Enjoy the food that is there and be social and jolly.  Try to keep yourself from overeating, but enjoy whatever food you darn-well please.

The Truth

Here’s the real talk that the fitness industry doesn’t want to talk about because it doesn’t sell programs and supplements; even if you let go for Thanksgiving and the 2 weeks of Christmas and New Years, you’re going to be fine.

You’re not going to undo the hard work you’ve done all year long, that’s not how it works.  Should you be smart and responsible?  Yes.  But, it should be such a burden that you lose joy in those moments. That’s a big-ol’ nope.

We have 2 rules: 1) Be careful with the amount of food you eat.  The foods at these meals and the treats that get brought into work are easy to overeat and make you feel miserable.  It’s not worth feeling gross for a month, so control yourself on volume.  Have 1 or 2 cookies instead of 1 or 2 of every kind you see.  1 slice of pie, not 3.  If you want 2 plates at dinner, use a smaller plate.

2) Be VERY in control with alcohol.  This is the time of year for parties and celebrations galore.  We all know alcohol in excess is dangerous.  Hangovers suck, car wrecks hurt physically and emotionally, and DUIs are expensive.  Be an adult.  Control yourself and for God’s sake call an Uber if you over do it.

The Logic

Like we said, a few days or even 2 weeks is not going to undo a year’s worth of work.  Will it set you back a bit if you really let go?  Sure.  But realistically, you’re going to be fine.

If you spent this last year controlling your food and working your butt off, you’re going to be fine.  Also, if you’re really worried about it make sure every other meal you eat is weighed and measured and very clean.  Lean meats, veggies, nuts, and seeds.  That way, even if you do have a function almost every stinkin’ night, you’ll be fine because the rest of your diet is under tight control.

The Last Word

There you have it.  Throw out or delete any other such guide.  You don’t need it.  Food is primarily fuel, but it’s also social for humans.  So go be social.  Enjoy the holidays and the family and friends you almost never get to see.

Be in control where you can be and you’ll head into 2020 mostly unscathed and ready to pick up momentum!

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holiday Season!

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