The Crossover…

Over the last few weeks we’ve been talking about meal planning and eating the right foods in the right amounts.  What we haven’t talked about is the why.

Why should anyone, especially you, meal plan or meal prep?  And what does that have to do with tire flips?  We’re glad you asked!

They share 1 thing: doing something you’ve (likely) never really done.  It is said to get something you’ve never had, you must do something you’ve never done.  So, let’s start by talking about tire flips.

Tire Flips

If you’ve been around fitness for long enough, eventually you come across this really cool movement.  Flipping a giant tire that seem like it came off of a monster truck just makes you feel awesome!

Sure, they’re scary at first, but once you’ve done one, you want to do more.  It’s exhilarating to tackle something so scary and conquer it.  But to do a tire flip it’s important to have proper form.  It makes the lift more efficient and keeps you safe.

Conveniently, we’re doing tire flips in our gym today and Coach B shot a quick technique video so you can feel like a badass too (you can see the video HERE).

Doing just 10 tire flips gets your heart rate up, your muscles feeling good, and your soul feeling a little more alive.  Do 30 and you’ll be about toast for the day and feel like a warrior!  They use nearly your whole body and trains strength and cardio at the same time.  And, they’re way cooler than any body pump or pilates class (j/k…kind of).

But what does that have to do with meal planning and prep?

Meals and Triumph

Tire flips can make you feel like the King or Queen of the world.  They’re simply empowering.  And that it what we’re after.  Empowerment.

We often float through our days rolling with the punches.  No real thought or plan as to what we will eat each day.  We go on feeling and do our best to “make good choices”, “watch our portions”, or just “avoid sweets”.

But, that’s not planning.  That’s like going for a hike and trying to “not get lost”.  Planning and being prepped are are essential to success.  Knowing where you are going and a map on how to get there aren’t luxuries, they’re vital.  So why would your nutrition be any different?

Here’s and example: we go out to local businesses and do free nutrition seminars (email Coach B to set one up for your company).  At the seminar we hand out a questionnaire and one of the 5 questions is “did you know that vegetables are carbs”?  Nearly 90% of responses come back as “No”.

Did you know that?  If you’ve been reading with us over the last few weeks you do. But, most people don’t. Which is why learning how to meal plan and prep is so important.

Without a road map, a plan, and executing that plan you’d have a tough time “not getting lost” and end up rolling with the punches again.  If you know what food is good for you and how much of it to eat based on your lifestyle, you’ll win.   Not just sometimes, everytime.

Bringing it Together

Like we said, it’s about empowerment.  Being empowered about what you should actually be eating is amazing and does wonders for your health and overall wellbeing.  Planning and prepping food gives you that much more control over that feeling.

Knowing, not guessing, that what you are eating is actually good for you.  Not just because the menu says so, but because you know.

Now imagine combining that feeling of knowledge and control with that invigorating feeling of flipping a tire that looked impossible to move and now you’re unstoppable.

You’re also doing things you have never really done and gaining things you never thought you’d have…or at least never have again after losing it for whatever reason.

Tire flips and nutrition have more in common than we think.  And it all comes back to taking control of our lives so we can live excellent now, into our 90’s, and beyond.

We’d love to help you learn just how much power you have. Click here to book a 20 minute chat with one of our coaches and you can find out for yourself.