So we’re still on this journey of learning GOOD nutritional habits AND UNLEARNING all the garbage the media, social media, celebrities, and the internet have all taught you.

This week we’re going in on WHAT to eat.  This may be the area of biggest frustration for any true fitness professional.  There are so many celebrity “trainers” that love to tout this, that, or the other diet or “superfood”.  The problem is, it’s 99% (ok, almost 100%) B.S.

Why?  Because there is no “miracle” diet or “superfood” that is going to save you or magically make the weight fall off.  Sorry folks, that’s not how it works.  Here’s the truth:

First, there is no such thing as a “superfood”.  Read that sentence again.  Now repeat it out loud 3 times.  All the foods touted as “superfoods” seem super to anyone who eats processed food-like product all the time. When you eat processed garbage for 99%-100% of your diet any time you eat ACTUAL food with natural nutrients in it, your body throws a party and you feel better.  Why?  Because it’s REAL food.  Humans bare the cross of being omnivores, meaning we can create energy out of almost anything edible.  It doesn’t mean it’s optimal.  In fact, it’s kind of a hindrance when we step outside of what actually is optimal.  It’s why we all feel like crap so often.  We can function, but not well.  We’re always tired, grouchy, foggy.  Then we eat a “superfood” (see REAL food) and we feel amazing.  Wow.  What a concept.  Eat real food, feel like a real human.

Second, there is no “miracle” diet. There is a real food diet and everything else.  The “Insert celebrity endorsed” diet is not going to save you.  If you do it, you might lose 30 pounds in 30 days or whatever outrageous claim they’re making.  But, you are 99.9% likely to gain it all back…and then some.  We can use The Biggest Loser as case in point. 90+% of contestants on the show gain some of the weight back.  80% gain it ALL back.  About 50% gain back more.  Why?  Because they’re using crash techniques for the effect on the show.  They aren’t taking the time to build in new habits.  They aren’t taking the time to re-think their relationship with food or what’s actually good.  They’re relying on tricks.  And eventually, like all tricks, they begin to lose their effectiveness.

So what works?  Real food.  What do I mean by “real”?  Meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, fruits, and root vegetables.  All in an UNPROCESSED state.  Sorry, Slim Jims and Veggie Chips don’t count.  Also, notice what WASN’T on the list.  Grains (breads, pastas, oatmeals, rice, cereal), legumes (aka beans), dairy products (sorry cheese isn’t on the list…neither is ice cream), sugar (yes that includes things like stevia, honey, agave, and the like).  Can those things be a part of a healthy diet?  Sure.  But not until you have had a steady 180 days (yep, 6 months) of simple, natural food.  Does it have to be organic, free range, pasture raised, grass fed, etc.?  It can be, but it’s not required.

Then, when you do add those other foods back in, it still needs to be limited and controlled closely.  Also, note that we said 180 days.  The 30 day challenge, 21 day fix, even 90 day cleanse isn’t enough.  It takes LONG TERM consistency to really change your body they way you want.  You have to shift your lifestyle if you want to live a healthier life.

Eat the right foods in the right amounts.  Last week we gave you a tool to learn the right amounts (The Zone Diet).  If you need help re-teaching (or maybe teaching for the first time) your body to eat the RIGHT foods, check out the Whole30.  Yes, it’s a 30 day challenge.  Yes you should try to extend it beyond that to really teach yourself.  Even Coach B had to do a strict Whole30 style diet for nearly 6 months to really shift his body and ultimately his metabolism.

Quit with the tricks.  They haven’t worked yet and they’re not going to.  If you really want to feel better, you MUST do this the right way.  Change your diet, change you life.  We’ve just learned that this is the best way to do it.

Still confused? Ready to finally sort out your diet?  Set an appointment with one of our coaches and get started today!

Have a great week!